Creating a space during lockdown

Remember how as children we would create a hideaway, a den, a fortress fashioned from whatever we could get our hands on? The sofa cushions were walls, dining chairs supporting pillars and a sheet across the top for seemingly impenetrable safety and security. With our homes having recently become a sanctuary more so than ever, these childhood projects of rainy days gone by still ring true today, albeit with a bit more finesse and longevity.

Behind the façade of our technology-assisted lives we are a species with a basic need – to create a home. We want this home to be a space which is safe, functional, adaptable, fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing. Adaptability is showing to be more important than ever currently. Most if not all of us will be doing activities we don’t usually do at home – working, home schooling, exercising or just taking 5 minutes in a corner away from the family when cabin fever takes hold. So with lockdown impacting almost every aspect of our lives the need for versatility in our homes is more evident than ever.

Versatility though doesn’t mean having to knock down walls or installing an expensive eco pod down the bottom of the garden. Think about the space that you need. Look around each room. Regardless of size we all have at least one corner of our homes which has evolved into a dumping ground. Or maybe there is an accent chair we never sit on or a cluttered side table. Think – repurpose, reposition or remove.  Once we’ve maximised our existing set-up we can begin to create a multi-functional zone for our new-found lockdown tasks.

Functionality is paramount. What furniture will you need in order to be productive while still minimising disruption to your home?  Take a look at this writing desk currently online. It’s compact, movable, fits perfectly into a corner and will compliment any décor scheme. Ideal if you are creating a distraction free corner for working from home or for home schooling.

Try using colour to create a clearly defined zone within an existing room. If not by using paint then something less permanent will work too. A large rug will give an area a clear boundary, as will strategically placed wall art. Our navy patterned rug would add instant impact and the blue colour is ideal for creating a calming, mind-focusing environment.

Our newly added mirrored map of the world is not only a striking talking piece in any home; it’s also a perfect addition to any newly created work space. It adds light to an otherwise dark corner while adding interest with its subtle details and classic style.

Whichever way your life is being impacted by lockdown, here at On Me Oh My we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy, happy and staying at home.